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Founding Forrit: A few thoughts on our brand

Founding Forrit: A few thoughts on our brand

We started with purpose.

Every brand needs a purpose as without purpose there’s no reason to exist. We exist to give the world a more natural, guilt-free buzz, so that you can live your life to the max. With this in mind, we set out to develop a drink that would complement your lifestyle. But before we could start recipe development, we needed a name.

We stumbled across the word ‘Forrit’ in an old Scots dictionary. Forrit means ‘forward, ahead, onward’ and is the perfect definition for our aim of developing a forward-thinking thirst quencher. Name done, next up was branding to give Forrit a look and feel that would help communicate our message to the world.

Starting with a logo, we developed a complementary colour palette which bled into a distinct photo treatment, a family of fonts bursting with character, an illustration DNA (that runs throughout our brand) and three initial products. Clinking heads together, here’s what we built:

Tada! And we were ready to go. We’d built a logo with personality, the palette was fun and vibrant, loaded with a nostalgic retro glow, the fonts were armed with were exciting and could convey our personality in every message we pushed out into the world. And finally our labels, with each illustration made-up of a leading fruit and complementary botanical were set for the printing press.

Throughout all this we set-out to develop a brand that’s not playful and not too serious. We are a brand for the active, for people who want to enjoy social occasions without compromise. Our top priority is, and always will be, to produce a product that fits into your lifestyle and we hope that you enjoy drinking Forrit as much as we enjoyed building the brand.

As we roll into the next phases of this journey and expressing our brand, feel free to follow along with us on Instagram at @ForritDrinks.