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So, what exactly IS a ‘Hard Seltzer’?

So, what exactly IS a ‘Hard Seltzer’?

What is a hard seltzer?

In a nutshell, a hard seltzer is alcoholic flavoured sparkling water. The category has taken the US (seltzer is an American term for sparkling water) by storm over the past few years, with the UK market starting to adopt the drink earlier this year.

Most hard seltzer brands share the same qualities: fewer than 100 calories per can, natural flavouring, low/ zero sugar and carbs, gluten free and vegan. Is hard seltzer water bad for you? No, hard selzters contain very few ingredients, sparkling water is blended with either neutral fermented or distilled alcohol and mixed with natural flavour(s), but, remember to drink responsibly. What kind of alcohol is a hard seltzer? This differs from brand to brand but at Forrit we are gin based!

Hard seltzers are an easy-going and pleasurable drink. They are a good alternative for those who don’t enjoy gin and tonic as they hold a lot more flavour without being too sweet (all natural flavours, remember). With the world becoming more health conscious you may wonder what alcohol is low calorie? What is the healthiest alcohol? Hard seltzers are a great option for those who follow a healthy lifestyle but still want to drink alcohol without the high calorie in-take. A refreshing, low calorie and natural drink to enjoy whenever and wherever you fancy.

You’ll find most brands in a can, meaning you can take your hard seltzers with you, or just grab a can from the fridge. In the park with friends in the summer, there isn’t a much better feeling than opening a cold refreshing drink in the sun. At home, where you can add your own twists and garnishes, in a glass with ice, to add even more refreshment. Can you get drunk on hard seltzers? Yes! Hard seltzers contain around the same alcohol volume as a single G&T! Perfect for parties, although not at the moment, they are convenient to open and enjoy (as easy as a can of beer!), rather than having to pour yourself a spirit & mixer and then running out of mixer! You also avoid having to find an already used cup (yuck!), as you can drink straight from the can…