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Staycation? Three great spots for this Autumn

Staycation? Three great spots for this Autumn

Devil’s Pulpit – Scotland

Devils Pulpit, north of Glasgow, gained popularity this year during lockdown, as people were binge watching shows, it was shot in a scene of ‘The Nest’ on BBC. It is no wonder it gained so much interest, it is almost fictional looking, like something you would find somewhere exotic, not in Scotland. A river flows between the high gorge walls which are completely covered in rich green moss, creating its mystical appearance.

Lizard Peninsula Coast, Cornwall – England

This is the most southernly point of mainland Britain. The path is 7 miles (12km). On the National Trust website, it is labelled ‘challenging’ and the whole trail is 3 hours long. But it seems worth the challenge as it is full of amazing views and sites.

It is one of the most botanically prosperous areas in the UK, full of flourishing plants. Along the cliff path, which looks over onto Pentreath beach, seals and basking sharks are commonly spotted. Also included on the walk, Lion’s Den which is a 39ft (12m) hole which was created from a collapsed cave which fell in the mid 1800’s. There are many picnic spots, the most scenic spot being Pen Olver, which has impressive views, but remember to clean up after you!

Teesdale Way, North Yorkshire – England

Teesdale Way path is 160km long, so you would choose part of it to walk, unless you want to take a sleeping bag and tent! There are options along the way for camping, glamping and B&B’s.

Teesdale Way starts in the remote moorlands of Cumbria and follows to Durham past forests and waterfalls, to the industrial Teeside and along the coast. In amongst all of this are the beautiful towns and villages of Yarm and Middleton. Through the towns and villages there is much historic interest which you can read about, including Barnard Castle in county Durham, famous (or infamous) for Dominic Cummings lockdown trip, clearly worth the visit!