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Hard seltzer? Easy to explain. Even easier to savour.

The hard seltzer revolution is here. The what? – you may ask. Well, simply put, a hard seltzer is a flavoured, low calorie, alcoholic, sparkling water drink, with very few carbs and a little sugar. As far as low-alcohol, flavoursome beverages go – it’s the way forward.

Sounds good right? Well, Forrit – Scotland’s latest hard seltzer is, even more forward thinking (forrit is Scottish for forward by the way).

Forrit is:
• Crafted from distilled alcohol and blended with sparkling water
• Only 90 calories, with zero carbs and zero sugar
• Packed full of natural botanicals
• Vegan AND gluten free
• Just 4.5 abv
• A choice of three zingy, refreshing flavours

Forrit? For sure you are.