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At Forrit, we’re all about carefully crafting a more refreshing, botanical beverage – without compromising on taste of course. At only 90 calories, every 330ml can of vegan, gluten-free Forrit is bursting with fresh, zingy 100% natural botanic flavour.

We’re talking zero carbs, zero sugar and maximum taste. Whatever flavour you choose – taste it, love it, go Forrit.


Peach, Lemon & Mint

The perfect symmetry of sweet, sour and cool.

We combine 100% natural fruit flavours with premium distilled alcohol and lift with sparkling water, which makes for a perfectly balanced refreshing cooler on a hot summer’s day.


Watermelon, Lime & Basil

Just the right balance of sweet, bitter and aromatic.

A beautifully balanced mix of fresh fruit flavours and premium distilled alcohol. And for that added zing, we combine with crisp, sparkling water. A recipe to get your tastebuds tingling.


Strawberry, Rhubarb & Ginger

An equal measure of three equally irresistible fruits.

Our third Forrit offering may be the last (for now) but far from least. A heavenly mixture of 100% natural fruit flavours, premium distilled alcohol and sparkling water. Simple yet sensational.


Why not try them all? Why not buy 3 for 2! Go Forrit.

Sparkling proof that good things do actually come in threes.

The Forrit hard seltzer is our first. And we’re sure it won’t be our last. Try all three flavours and sip some sparkling inspiration. Better still, enjoy your third 330ml can, on us. We promise, your first sip, won’t be your last.